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Create An Action-Packed New Year!

First off -> HAPPY NEW YEAR 2017! Now, before you roll your eyes at yet another lesson about New Year’s resolutions, here are some practical suggestions to help you 1) make realistic goals, 2) plan them logically, and 3) keep … Continue reading

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Ancient Remedies Resurrected!

Let’s start today’s blog with a riddle of sorts. What do the vegetables leek and garlic have in common with wine and cow bile? The obvious answer is “nothing” but a more subtle answer is “apparently everything” when the question … Continue reading

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Murder At 30,000 Feet!

Modern pharmaceuticals are excellent alternatives to more invasive procedures when a medical cure is required. Such medications not only prolong life but also enhance it in the process. Ironically, those same wonder drugs can become instruments of death when they … Continue reading

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