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Sarin Gas: A Deadly Agent – A Wonderful Plot Twist!

First developed by Germany in 1938, sarin was used as a pesticide before its full lethal capabilities were understood. Eventually, its use as a chemical weapon began to evolve. Sarin has been used as an agent of terror in the … Continue reading

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GRAPEFRUIT – The Killer Fruit!

Occasionally, I hear news reports regarding the dangers of eating grapefruit while on certain medications. This is not new information and I have to remind myself that many are still unaware of this very serious drug-food interaction. The medical community … Continue reading

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The Deadliest Drugs in the United States

I often blog about drugs used as poisons, and I guess that’s why someone asked me the other day, “Which drugs are the deadliest in America?” The question required clarification before answering it. Did he mean the fastest killers, or … Continue reading

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As I watched one of the national news feeds yesterday, I was reminded of how unaware the public is to one of the more serious drug-food interactions. The subject of the feature was the adverse interaction between many drugs and … Continue reading

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