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IBOGAINE – A Miracle or a Curse?

Isolated as a psychoactive alkaloid that originates from the bark of a West African shrub called Tabernanthe iboga, ibogaine is a drug that’s been the center of controversy for decades. With a rich history of use in ancient African spiritual … Continue reading

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Apostrophes And Their Use With Proper Nouns

This may seem like a silly subject to write about, but I must admit that I’ve had trouble using the apostrophe appropriately in the past, especially regarding its use with proper nouns that end in “s”. I’ve written a similar … Continue reading

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A Day to Remember and A Gift For You

Today is one of those memorable days in my life! It was busy, frustrating, exciting and ultimately thrilling. So what happened you might ask? I’ve been writing novels and short stories for several years now. Three of my short stories … Continue reading

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