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Create An Action-Packed New Year!

Before you roll your eyes at yet another lesson about New Year’s Resolutions, here are some practical suggestions to help you 1) make realistic goals, 2) plan them logically, and 3) keep yourself on track to meet those goals. First … Continue reading

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Warm Wishes and Holiday Cheer

Last year around this time, I wrote a couple of short stories with Christmas themes. I was pleased that both got published in seasonal anthologies. One of those stories, Santa’s Secret Helper, was . . . well, it was sort … Continue reading

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Perchloric Acid – A Versatile Murder Weapon!

Unique lethal compounds fascinate me and, as a medical thriller writer, I’m constantly on the search for new methods of murder. Today, I’d like to discuss a most interesting chemical—perchloric acid. It has deadly potential in a number of ways … Continue reading

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TABUN – A Dramatic Murder Weapon!

Although first developed as a possible pesticide in Germany in 1936, tabun quickly became known as an excellent chemical warfare agent and was made on an industrial scale by Germany during World War II. It was the first of the … Continue reading

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I’ve written blogs about deadly bacteria and viruses in the past, and those are the organisms most often responsible for deadly outbreaks. BUT, there are equally lethal fungal infections that spread among the North American population. Such a fungal infection, … Continue reading

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